London Based needs to offload Bellevue Hill

Vendor requires Eastblock's full Vendor Advocacy services to ensure a sucessful sale.
London Based needs to offload Bellevue Hill
The property is leased, requires minor work, Vendor lives overseas, the property needs to be sold.

The property is leased thru a “holiday stay” company, needs minor painting and preparation prior to sale, the Vendor requires Eastblock’s full Vendor Advocacy services to ensure a successful sale.

There were many many hurdles to overcome throughout the process of selling this property. The property had been chronically mismanaged, the strata search revealed substantial management flaws by previous strata managers and the owners corporation.

Not only did the property itself need preparation, the whole strata plan and Owners Corporation needed rapid discipline and “whipping into shape” in order to present a property worthy of achieving a decent sales price.

In the words of the Vendor ….. “Numerous issues arose during the course of the sale – any one of which could have spelt disaster.   Craig was always knowledgeable, discreet, professional and efficient ….. smoothed related dramas …  It was so reassuring to know that somebody who understood the market was there to look after my interests.  I trusted Craig’s judgement and the results paid off.  My property – which at one point looked like it may not even make it to market – ended up being sold prior to auction! I wholeheartedly recommend Craig’s invaluable and indeed – value adding – services. “


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